Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two of us ( Will Smith )

From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms
I knew I'd meet death 'fore I'd let you meet harm
Although questions arose in my mind, would I be man enough?
Against wrong, choose right and be standin' up
From the hospital that first night
Took a hour just ta get the car seat in right
People drivin' all fast, got me kinda upset
Got you home safe, placed you in your basinette

That night I don't think one wink I slept
As I slipped out my bed, to your crib I crept
Touched your head gently, felt my heart melt
'Cause I know I loved you more than life itself

Then to my knees, and I begged the Lord please
Let me be a good daddy, all he needs
Love, knowledge, discipline too
I pledge my life to you, uh

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

Five years old, bringing comedy
Everytime I look at you I think man a little me just like me
Wait an see gonna be tall makes me laugh 'cause
You got your dads ears an all
Sometimes I wonder, what you gonna be?
A General, a Doctor, maybe a MC
Haha, I wanna kiss you all the time
But I will test that butt when you cut outta line

Trudat uh uh uh why you do dat?
I try to be a tough dad, but you be makin' me laugh
Crazy joy, when I see the eyes of my baby boy
I pledge to you, I will always do
Everything I can show you how to be a man
Dignity, integrity, honor an' I don't mind if you lose
Long as you came with it an' you can cry, ain't no shame it it

It didn't work out with me an your mom
But yo, push come to shove you was conceived in love
So if the world attacks, and you slide off track
Remember one fact, I got your back

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

It's a full time job to be a good dad
You got so much more stuff than I had
I gotta study just to keep with the changin' times
101 Dalmations on your CD-ROM
See me, I'm tryin to pretend I know
On my PC where that CD go

But yo, ain't nuthin' promised, one day I'll be gone
Feel the strife, but trust life does go wrong
But just in case, it's my place to impart
One day some girl's gonna break your heart
And ooh ain't no pain like from the opposite sex
Gonna hurt bad, but don't take it out on the next son

Throughout life people will make you mad
Disrespect you and treat you bad
Let God deal with the things they do
'Cause hate in your heart will consume you too
Always tell the truth, say your prayers
Hold doors, pull out chairs, easy on the swears
You're living proof that dreams come true
I love you and I'm here for you, uh

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

Just the two of us
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

Just the two of us, I'm always here for you
Whatever you need just call on me
Whatever you need I'll be there for anytime
You and I

Just the two of us
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
You and I, just the two of us

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blue & Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

monday morning...

9:30 monday morning....... just finish my breakfast. having a cup of tea and sausage bread...
checked my facebook and listening my ipod....
Having a short chit chat with my fren there in the  facebook...
Sitting  here keep thinking bout life... whats the point of this life? happiness? ehhmmm...
dun think so..... dis stupid life make me feel so lame, boring,...
dis life is suck...... nothing so special bout it...
Have to keep moving now.. till my life stop and i will sleep forever,...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eagled Tequila Sunrise Good Quality

nothing to do and to say,,,,

Jam 18:11 sekarang...waktu terus saja berjalan tanpa mau berhenti sebentar saja.... Gila.. hari ini rasanya kok waktu berjalan lama banget...Akhir tahun yang agak membosankan.....
Sambil mendengarkan lagu "Yesterday" Beatles.. membuat pikiran gue balik lagi ke waktu dimana masih penuh dengan hitam putih tanpa warna warni seperti sekarang..
Waktu dimana pikiran masih hanya sebatas bermain dan bermain....
Disaat itu berpikiran kapan gue dewasa dan kapan gue tua... shit.. gettin older is suck...
Tetap aja gue puter balik lagi lagu Yesterday sambil merasakan dingin A/C  yang dinginnya menusuk tulang... Gue kayak org gila aja yang duduk di meja sambil ketak ketik blog tanpa juntrungan yang pasti.. hehehe,,,,, kayak autis aja gue sekarang...
Sekarang gue puter YouTube lagu Hey Jude... sambil terusin lamunan gue kembali ke jaman dimana gue masih pake seragam putih biru,.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ku goreskan pena diatas kertas..
Bak seorang penari balet
Gemulai memainkan sebuah tarian,,,
Menciptakan gerakan nan indah..

Tapi sayang,,, goresan pena ini
Tak seindah tarian gemulai sang penari balet…
Yang ada hanyalah goresan getir nan lara…

Dalam sepi berteman sunyi..
Menambah galau dalam hati…
Sisi kosong semakin kosong..
Membuat malam semakin panjang untuk dilewati…

Melihat bulan bertirai sutrakan awan..
Tanpa indahnya bintang sebagai teman..
Angin dingin berhembus pelan..
Membuat hati semakin lara….

                              By Johan 25 Des 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Bayangan semu luas tak bertepi......
menghadirkan mimpi mimpi
mencoba menggapai apa yang tidak tersentuh,,,
hanya untuk menghibur hati yang kelabu...

Disaat hati mulai gelisah...
bimbang datang tak terduga
akankah mimpi jadi kenyataan..
tanpa harus menunggu datangnya sebuah keajaiban

Lamunan lamunan jiwa yang lemah...
mencoba untuk tidak terbuai
mencari sebuah kebahagiaan
didalam kesengsaraan..

Tetap bertahan dalam angan..
menjaga sebuah asa yang tersisa
berharap dahaga ini akan hilang..
menuju pintu kebahagiaan..

                                                                                 by Johan 23 Des 2010